Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm currently working on a Vogue Vintage pattern.  Almost done -- except that I want covered buttons and I only have 3 (need 6).  There's some hand sewing with this, and I do hate hand sewing!  But I think it will be worth it.  It's part of working through my UFO's -- things I've had in my stash and just haven't taken time to finish.  I'm committed on this one, though.  I've heard Angela Kane say "always finish a project."  Good advice.

This particular pattern says "average" for the sewing skills, but I think it's a little more advanced.  If I make it again, I think I'll use a very light cotton, like a Liberty, with a soft hand.  There are so many gathers in the skirt that even a quilting cotton is a bit heavy.

This is from the 1956-57 Original Design, and I believe Vogue still has it, although it's a clearance pattern at this point:

Speaking of patterns, I'm still organizing.  Just when I thought I was done -- I ran across the 40+ that I got at our local Salvation Army.  Sign.

Back to it!  I have sewing to do!  : ) 

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