Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Speaking of Organizing Patterns . . .

Gah, this is taking for-EVER!

Apparently I am obsessed with sewing patterns.  I mean, I knew I had a lot of patterns, but good grief!  I've been through 425 manila envelopes so far.  I just got 200 more, which hopefully will be enough.  I have 7 fat binders full of pattern envelopes and 3 big file drawers full.

I like this method (even though it's taking forever!)   I have seen it a couple of times on blogs and videos.  This is Mimi Goodwin's preferred method, and I think I saw Whitney do it as well.  You take the actual pattern tissue and instruction sheets, and file them in a 6.5 x 9.5 manila envelope.  Label it with the pattern company and the number, and then file it.  Place the actual pattern envelope (the one with the pictures) into a page protector and put it in a binder.  This way you can easily flip through the binder and find what you want, and then go to the file drawer and grab your pattern.

I did this sort of thing years ago, but a bit differently.  I copied the front of each pattern and put it in a binder, then filed the actual pattern in a box.  You could do the same thing these days by scanning the pattern and then printing.  You'd use less space in the binder and probably wouldn't need a page protector for each one.  You could also scan/copy both sides of the envelope -- but that's a lot of paper.   I think I like the method I'm using better simply because I can pull the pattern envelope out and look at the back.  This gives me yardage, recommended fabrics, etc.

If you don't have a billion patterns, you can always do what Whitney did and file the entire pattern, tissue and all, in a page protector in an envelope.

Anyway, here are some photos of the process.  Wish me luck on the rest.  I think I need another cup of coffee --

                                      The binders                                    Stragglers

The box I have yet to do

                                                    The amazing file cabinet built by my father-in-law

Four drawers full!  Time to stop buying patterns already!

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