Monday, April 16, 2012

Handy Little Thingy

I happened to click on one of the ads that run along the side of my facebook page, and found this!  Incredibly helpful resource that you can just print off and keep handy:



We cleaned out the garage yesterday, and I sat down and made a plan.  I find it's really useful to do this when you're space planning.

Use graph paper, assign a value to a foot (like one square of the grid), and then draw the room.  Then, draw the rough shapes of your furniture the same way.  Cut out the furniture pieces, and then arrange them in the room.

This works so well when you aren't sure if something will fit or look good in a spot.  For example, initially I thought my fabric cubbies would be the base for my table.  But it turns out that I liked them much better on the walls.

I couldn't readily find my graph paper, so I just used my architect's scale and drew it out.  I cut the furniture out of the little green pieces of card stock I have for labeling boxes, and then put double-stick tape (another find from my design supplies) on the back.  Then I arranged them:

This is so easy -- and you think it's going to take a lot of time, but it doesn't.  And it's way easier than moving all the furniture around.

Here's the room so far.  Lots of work to go, but it is starting to come together!

Hopefully I'll be in there sewing soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Novel Idea

Here's someone I recently found on YouTube -- with the cutest project!  The channel is Stitchless TV.  This lady is so inventive!  Enjoy --

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Pattern Shop

I'm re-blogging this from Quality Time -- it's a pattern shop on Etsy called Salme.  There are some really cute things, like these:

The shop is in England.  They have some very cute designs -- do visit them and have a look.

And This One's About Crafting

Such great ideas!  I love Pepperminty Milk.  This would be great with thrift store jewelry:

Let me know if you give this a try!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This One's About Decorating

Well, I have to admit that I adore Pinterest even though I avoided it for some time.  I knew it would eat up all the time that it is decidedly eating up.

However, it is certainly not a waste of time to be inspired!  After perusing today, I ran across several websites with revamped or "upcycled" furniture.

And I have a daughter who is getting married in October -- did I mention that I have a daughter getting married in October?  Cause I HAVE A DAUGHTER GETTING MARRIED.  IN OCTOBER.  Good grief.  I still can't believe it.  How can I have a daughter old enough to do such a wonderful thing?

Anyway.  I need a big deal wedding gift for her.

As you are aware, I am living in MIL's house, disposing of her furniture bit by bit.  She has this dining room table, four chairs, and a china cabinet.

After all that perusing this morning, I think I may be able to transform it into something amazing, using paint and some new hardware on the china cabinet.

School finishes later this month, and I have no plans for the summer other than helping with the wedding.  Maybe I can do this!  It would be a fun project . . .

Monday, April 9, 2012

I Love Mimi

Mimi Goodwin is someone I've been following for awhile.  She is an amazing sewer who puts up tutorials from time to time.  She's also a very good teacher.

If you don't follow her, you should!  Here's her latest tutorial for a maxi skirt.  Enjoy!

New Designers to Look For

I absolutely adore the way I can go online and experience new designers who do beautiful work.  It can be information overload -- but finding a few YouTube-rs and a couple of blogs will expose you to some wonderful things.

Here is Maevana Sylvia Mitchell, creator of Peppermint Milk, with some delightful finds:

Enjoy!  Be inspired!