Monday, July 18, 2011


I think I might just try this.  Not sewing -- but definitely a cool craft:

These are so cute and the tutorial looks super easy.

They adapted the tutorial from this site:

Let me know if you try this.  They are so cute, I might talk one of the girls into doing them.  I think Makaela Babydoll would love them.


New Blog Site

I found this site recently and subscribed via email - I've been thoroughly enjoying the ideas and projects they post.  Have a look at their blog --


And their website -- FaveCrafts

And here's an example of one of their cute projects - a reusable coupon envelope!  I am what many would call an "extreme couponer," and I just made one of these for myself.  It's much handier than using endless paper envelopes to store receipts and a few coupons in my purse:

And here's the full tutorial if you'd like to make one:  Reusable Coupon Envelope

Fave Crafts doesn't just have endless craft and sewing tutorials, they also have e-books that are free!  They are definitely worth checking out.  You can also subscribe via email or RSS feed.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh So Much Better.

I have been busy.

I am working through the UFO pile. 

Emma made herself a purse, made her own pattern, and hijacked my machine.  So I went back to the little Pfaff 262 and remembered just how much I love it!  It purrs, there is a lot more control, and the stitch is beautiful.  I finished a refashion and now have a new dress (success)!

I'm working on a tutorial video; it has become clear to me that I am decidedly not a video editor.  This is hard!  I just want to sew!

So I'm sewing.  But right now I have to edit video.  Seeya.