Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Never Fails

Rose, Bug, Barbie, JB, or Babydoll, doesn't matter, take your pick:
    "Mama, make me stuff.  Make me a dress."

The result:

Usually something like this.  Very cute sundress but it doesn't fit.  Very frustrating.

I wanted to surprise Bug with this and basically just whipped it up while she was at work, yesterday afternoon.

Bug is long waisted.  The pattern I used is vintage (as in "it was mine when I was her age"), and the bodice was cut to the waist.  So I shaved off about 3" from the waistline to make it more of an empire waist.

Bad idea.

First off, it hits about 2" above her waist but well below the empire line.  Secondly, she informed me that she looks terrible in empire waisted things.  (When did this happen?)

So the plan now is to cut the bodice shorter, add a contrasting lower bodice that will fall almost to her hips, and then re-attach the skirt.  A whole lotta trouble for something I was just going to whip up in an afternoon.

And by the way -- the print is one I got from Hobby Lobby summer before last.  It's chinese characters printed in white on a black background.  Bug loves all things Japanese, and it was close --

I'll post the finished dress when it's done.  And successfully on the Bug.


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