Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finished Daybed

This only took about 6 hours total sewing time.  It was really easy.  Here's how I did it:

1.  Measure the bed and the pillows.  Buy fabric accordingly.  Use inches; it's easier to convert to yardage.  Remember to take into account the width of your fabric.  Buy zippers close to the length of the bottom edge of your pillows.  Buy piping if you like, or make your own from cording and/or bias tape or quilter's binding.  Both of these are packaged and can be unfolded and used.  I got double the yardage from one package of quilter's binding.

 2.  Cut out these pieces:  The top of the bed, the front piece of the bed, the two side pieces, and the back.  And then the fronts and backs of the pillows.  I used a piece of old sheet for the back piece because it doesn't show.  This saves on the fabric needed.

3.  Sew together the front piece, the side pieces, and the back pieces so you have a big circle.  Then add the piping to the top piece and sew the big circle piece to it. 

4.  Hem all the way around.

5.  Pillows, one at a time:  sew the zippers first.  Then sew the piping to one side, and then close them up by stitching all the way around.  Stitch from the side where you can see the line of stitching from the piping; that way you'll be sure to catch all the edges.  It also helps when you unzip it halfway before sewing around the edges -- it makes it much easier to turn right side out.

** The piping makes it look professionally done **

** The pleats are easy as well.  Email me if you'd like details on how to do those. **

That bolster pillow is just a bed pillow rolled up inside a circular casing. 

Here's the finished product:

Try a project like this.  It's easy sewing (lots of rectangles) and the payoff is great!



  1. 好文章給人的感覺就是很好,謝謝您~~........................................

  2. This is very nice. I think I may have to copy your idea!


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