Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Cheapskate.

Surely there is a group I can join.


We need some kind of sofa/futon/thing-to-sit-on downstairs in the kids area.

Current situation:

Twin-sized metal trundle, twin-sized mattress on top, (turned sideways against the wall) salvaged king-sized headboard behind, sheet, some pillows. Generally a mess. Looks like a daybed gone wrong.


Slightly less of a mess.

So.  Possible solutions:

$100 futon at Target. It was too small.  Took it back.

$179 futon/sofabed at Target. Do I really want to spend $179?

Keep checking a currently fruitless search on Craigslist.  Uh, no.  Everything I can find is an hour away.


$30 of fabric at WalMart.

2 small bookcases @ $15.00 each, also from Wal-Mart.  These will go on the ends to form arms, sort of.

2 European pillows @10.00/ea from Big Lots.

I already had the two green pillows.

Total: $80. Cover the bed, cover the pillows, add throw pillows (ones I already have with fabric I already have).  I will probably also add either a couple of king-sized bed pillows behind the square ones -- or hopefully I can find a big long body pillow --  because I think it will be necessary to bring the back of the seating forward just a bit.  You know, just so your feet can still touch the floor when you sit down.


Decorator daybed/sofa -- with storage!  I'll post photos later when it's done.

: )


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