Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where Is It?

Where is it? Where is my new Mac?

Because I have gone back to school and am now a full-time student (ahem! At 50, it's about time!), I got in on a great deal from Apple. I got a MacBook Pro, plus a free printer and a free iPod touch.

C'mon, FedEx! Get a move on!

I have finally laid down the law about removing the electronic signature sheets from the front door (everyone kept taking them off! What is THAT about?). The printer's already here, and hopefully the rest will arrive today or tomorrow.

I can't wait. Can you tell?

On the current sewing front, I have this going on: mostly nothing, because I have so much schoolwork to do. But . . . it was just Labor Day weekend, so I treated myself to just a little time in here last night:

1. Got Babydoll a new pair of cute purple jeans from Rue 21, shortened them, and made them from flares into skinny jeans.
2. Took a pair of jeans we got her at Goodwill, and removed the pockets. They were stitched completely over with gold thread and she felt like they screamed "here's my butt!" Replaced them with pockets cut from old jeans pieces I had in the stash.
3. Hemmed a pair of chinos for my friend Michelle. Tried to fix another pair, but I think I've screwed them up. Need her to try them on.
4. Filed all the patterns that were sitting around. This prompted looking at several I'd like to make. Gotta get on that.
5. Cut out a new purse I'll be making. I'll post photos as I do it.

Ok, back to the salt mines. Things to do, (schoolwork), places to go (class), things to do (homework). Jeesh, I've turned into one of my kids.


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  1. I feel you MacPro pain. I have four Macs, but I want a MacBook Pro now too!! I can't bear to part with any of the ones I have though! They are my children.

    and I sew. I got this great wicked stepmother dress from Cinderella (not really but that is what I call it) that is to DIE for to make


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