Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anthropologie vs. Trudy of Hot Patterns

Here's something I find pretty interesting -- Trudy at HotPatterns had these designs coming out before Anthropologie's Fall offerings were out.

This lady is definitely ahead of the game! I love in all the YouTube clips when she talks about major designers and letting us know what's coming up in fashion.

And how great is it to view this stuff at Anthopologie's website, love it, and then know you can make it yourself?

I do have to say -- personal opinion here -- but I love Hot Patterns tops a little better than the Anthropologie tops.

However -- here are a few more Anthropologie tops that would be simply divine if you could make them yourself --

And a couple of cool accessories that are totally DIYable --

If I try any of these things, I'll post photos. And if you try any of these things, please do comment and leave your link below!



  1. The likeness of the tops from the two is amazing.

  2. Probably my favorite blog post EVER!
    I am absolutely obsessed with Anthropologie but can never afford to shop there. I alwys bookmark things from their site that I think I could make myself, but don't usually get around to it. You've given me newfound inspiration to DIY my own Anthropologie look-alikes!
    Thanks so much, and I love your blog :)
    God Bless!


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