Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Vogue Fall Review

OK, it's a little late. But I'm a Yankee living in North Carolina, and quite honestly summer doesn't really quit around here until about mid-October, no matter when the fall fashion lines release. Seriously.

So here are my favourites from the Vogue Fall collection:

Yep, that's it. I know. Slim pickins!

However, I do like this --

if only it had a more loose and drapey skirt. Sorry Michael Kors, this straight skirt just isn't doing it for me -- even if it does look like a million bucks on Mrs. Obama. This model just looks a bit thick in the middle and rather middle-aged to me. It doesn't flatter very nicely.

I also like this a lot, but again with changes --

Absolutely stunning dress from Badgley Mishka, (love those back pleats!) but who's got a bra to wear with that neckline? Are you kidding me?

Just one more, from Donna Karan --

How much do I adore this coat? Oh, if I could only say! The beautiful lines, the way that drape falls . . . How much would I actually WEAR this coat without strangling myself and freezing to death? Oh, again, if I could only put it into words!

And all that is to say nothing of the abominable color they've used on the model. What is that? Baby poop brown? One of the fabrics called for is lightweight woolens. I'm wondering exactly what kind of beautiful drape you're going to get with a lightweight woolen.

I suppose the clincher for me on this coat was this -- the actual sketch of it --

See how the coat kind of separates in the front, with that drape? Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to get it to drape right while standing in front of the mirror, running late?

Well, there you go. Just my opinions, but of course I'd love to know what you think as well! Will you be trying any of the new Vogue patterns for fall?



  1. I share a lot of your views on those selections, though I am considering making a dress with a straight skirt for the first time in... ever. I have a tough time with Vogue patterns -- many styles are made for bustier women than I. So I bet I'll stick with Simplicity this fall -- tried and true sizing.

  2. LOL! I'll be trying almost all of the fall vogue patterns (If I ever feel like sewing again, that is).


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