Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Sewing

Photos from the weekend's projects --

Simplicity 4032, view A
I put buttons all the way down the front instead of just one at the top.

Simplicity 0493 or 2603
I almost got rid of this fabric!  So glad I didn't - it worked great for this cardigan.  It's a crocheted knit.

This T-shirt had some stains, so I embellished it and covered them up!  I copied a design I found in a Garnet Hill catalog.  I may dye it later-- maybe not, haven't decided yet.

And here are a few better shots of everything on my dress form, Dottie.

This last one is a tank that I'm not finished with yet.  I'm copying a Marc Jacobs design I found online; it still needs to be dyed and have buttons added.  It's an old tank -- also stained and now covered up -- and pieces of an old t-shirt for the ruffle.   Dottie has a t-shirt on underneath -- so the neckline is a bit hard to see.  But you get the idea. 

You can purchase the green tank here:  StyleFind

I like the jacket so much that I think I'll make another one this week.  In the meantime, I'm working on this:

Unbelievably cute, and unbelievably complicated to figure out!  It's one of those that needs every single mark noted.  Probably not as hard as I'm making it sound -- the sewing is easy.  It's the "where does this go?" part that's proving a little challenging.

I've chosen the pattern for my 2011 sew along.  It's McCalls 6247, and I'll be making the skirt and then the cardigan.  Hope you'll join me!



  1. Good Job! I am a beginner at sewing! Maybe someday I will be as good as you at making beautiful things.


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