Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Colors

One of the nicest things about where I live is that spring always comes early.  And the sky is generally clear and sunny!  I grew up in southwest Ohio, in contrary, undependable weather that generally involves gray skies.  Spring comes in late March and isn't warm -- it's that damp cold that chills you to the bone.  I have to laugh at the years when I was young and taken with all things British.  I used to say that I'd love England and Ireland.  Now I think I was just crazy -- the weather there is usually grey and damp!  Proof once again that being cool isn't usually practical.

And in turn, the reason I've been in my sewing room more and more lately has been simply this: I have no spring colors in my wardrobe!  I have summer clothing, which is bright and happy.  But nothing really from the fall/winter/still cold outside stuff that is light.  When it's sunny, I like to wear light colors.  Not bright so much, but light -- I love pastel pinks and blues and yellows.  I look good in those colors as well, so it's no wonder that I like to wear them.

This makes for a win-win situation -- I am forced to get into my sewing room and create things I love.  That's what brings me back to sewing time and time again -- I love to create things that are beautiful.  And pretty clothing just makes you feel pretty and good and happy.  I'm all for anything that will make me feel happy -- it makes life so much easier!  And easier for those around you!

So today I'll be down there creating yet something else -- maybe a pink jacket, maybe a cardigan, maybe I'll cut out that gorgeous pink shantung I got for a dress for Mia.  Whatever it is, you can be sure that it will be in a light, bright color that screams spring. 

What are you making right now?


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  1. I made a hot bean bag, I don't know what they're called. Wheat bags! That's it! Really enjoyed being creative after a long time, hoping to make something else this month!


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