Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mystery Solved!

Thank you Nike!  Turns out that the mystery quilted thingy is most like a napkin holder for the smaller beverage napkins.  I never would have thought to tie the corners together.  You're a genius!



  1. thank you, thank you..... (I said "knot" and meant "tie".... I often mix german and english, ups!!). Now you have a nice napkin holder for your margaritas and mojitos at your porch next spring!!!

  2. Ah, margaritas! I miss those from when I lived in California! Things have changed for us, moving from CA to North Carolina (the conservative southern US). My husband is a minister, and people view drinking alcohol much differently here than they did in CA. Regardless, I may make some virgin Margaritas just for my daughters to try. Why not?

    And thanks for the suggestion! You're a genius!


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