Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Talk Vogue Spring 2011

Good grief.  I haven't even had time to make some of the Fall/Winter Vogue projects that I had planned, and now it's already approaching Spring! 

Here are a few of my favourites from the new Spring Vogue 2011 collection.  Overall, I'm so happy that the shapes have changed a bit and are reminiscent of the late 1980's-early 1990's.  I loved those lines.

Vogue 1219, Donna Karan

I seem to gravitate to Donna Karan patterns.  I really liked this for three reasons: first, the dropped waistline, secondly, the wrapped front, and thirdly the front pockets (what a bonus!).  I think it would potentially hide a host of problem areas those of us who are thick-waisted and be very slimming.  However, I have a feeling that this particular dress is all about fabric choice.  The pattern calls for stretch broadcloth, and maybe that's the best.  But I have a feeling that some sort of soft knit might be more flattering.  This particular version of it in the photo seems a bit stiff.

 Vogue 1220, another Donna Karan

Now this dress is not my style at all -- and yet I think it could be just beautiful and very flattering.  I like flared skirts and soft lines.  But all the wrapping here and especially that bow in the front -- I think it could be gorgeous!  Again, the pattern calls for a stretch broadcloth.  Not only is that fabric very easy to work with, it's beautiful as shown here.  I may have to give this one a try.
 Vogue 1223, Anne Klein

I included the line art for this pattern, because it was such a surprise to me.  I love the dress, with it's flow and femininity.  It's shown here in a floral print -- but what a treat to see the actual lines in the front!  this would be so pretty in a solid.  It's definitely an option for a graduation dress for Jenna, who has one of those curvy, slim, "to die for" figures.

Vogue 1233, Pamella Roland

My favourite of the bunch!  Thank you Pamella Roland for listening to those of us who love vintage!  I love it here in (what looks to me like) a raw silk, and I would love it in a plain cotton.  It calls for silk tweed, tropical wool, and pique.  Wouldn't this be a great dress for a summer vacation, maybe on a cruise, made up in a classic cotton pique? 

Vogue 8711, Easy Options

Mia just needed a pencil skirt the other night, and I quickly threw one together from a Nancy Zieman pattern.  She is long and thin, and when I saw this skirt, I immediately thought of her.  It would look so cute on her slim figure!  She has those legs that just go on forever, and this skirt is perfect for that.  I love the gathering at the side.  So many of these types of skirts have that same shirring at the top.  Although it might not be as flattering for those of us who are older and had several children (and thus carry the evidence!), it seems to flow much more nicely with a lot more shirring through the front than you might normally see.  It's also shaped nicely in the front and back, with side panels.  It calls for a 2-way stretch knit, which makes me think of fluidity.  It also makes me think it would hug every flaw!  But fitted correctly, this could be drop-dead gorgeous.

So those are my picks for spring.  Now to wait until Vogue goes on sale!  What are your picks for the new season?


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