Sunday, October 10, 2010

Purse Organizer Tutorial

So sorry I've been M-I-A!  Not much time for sewing between all these classes I'm taking (19 credit hours, including Geology and Major American Writers!).  I am wishing I had more time to spend down in my sewing room --

HOWEVER . . . I did have some time a few weeks ago to put together this tutorial.  Have a look -- it's a quick project!

Here are the detailed directions:

Purse Organizer
Materials Needed:

Sewing Machine
Pins - thread - ruler
marking tool, like chalk
sticky back velcro or hook and loop tape
1/4 yd fabric for the base, something sturdy like denim or canvas
1/4 yd fabric for the pockets, like cotton
1/4 yd interfacing

Cut the pieces:
For the base, cut 30 x 14 inches.
For the pockets, cut 30 x 10 inches
For the interfacing, cut same size as pocket piece, 30 x 10 inches

1.  Take the base piece and lay it out.  Fold the pocket piece in half lengthwise and lay on top.
2.  Lay out all the items you want to store in the organizer.  Mark the lines for each thing.
3.  Take your pocket piece and fuse the interfacing piece to it with your iron.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the interfacing.
4.  Fold the pocket piece in half lengthwise again.  Lay it onto the unfolded base piece, and match the long raw edges together.  Pin together.
5.  Sew a basting stitch (longest stitch length on your machine) along the bottom edge, to hold the two pieces together.  Use about a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  You can also just match up the edge of your presser foot with the edge of the fabric.
6.  Sew along your marking lines.  Be sure to backstitch at the end of each pocket line at the top.
7.  Fold each end under 1/2 inch.  Press these toward the inside (wrong side) of the fabric.
8.  Fold the whole thing in half lengthwise, matching right sides together.
9.  Stitch along the bottom edge, using about a 5/8 inch seam allowance.
10.  Turn the whole thing inside out.  Press with your iron to get the seams flat.
12.  Lay out the velcro on one end.  Use either the fuzzy side or the loopy side.  Cut two pieces the width of the organizer (about 6-7 inches), and space them about 2 inches apart.
13.  Turn the organizer over, go to the other end, and lay out the other pieces of the velcro.  Space about 2 inches apart.
14.  Try it out.  Make sure you can attach it into a circle.
15.  Sew the velcro down, and topstitch the ends.
16.  Done!

This is adjustable to the size of your purse -- that's why you use two pieces of velcro at each end.

Back with more tutorials soon!


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  1. Jen - you are a hoot to watch! After the 'black hole', I paused the video, and emailed a friend the link so she could watch, too. I have been a dressmaker/seamstress for 30+ years, and a Christian for about the same, so I am feeling a kinship with you. So happy to have stumbled upon your site. Can't wait to dig deeper. Thanks for the tutorial.


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