Friday, August 27, 2010

An Anthropologie Homage to Imelda Marcos

(click on the photos to be taken to Anthropologie's website for more photos and details)


Somebody help me.  

Or just send me about $2500 so I can buy them all.  On second thought, make it $3000 so I can add bags.

(And this isn't even a peek at the boots they have!)

Seriously, though, a few of these could easily be duplicated by taking an existing shoe and adding some embellishment.  You would never get the fit or the workmanship of the original shoe, but you might get at least a reference to it.

Ah, eye candy.  We all need a good dose.



  1. oh! the brown ones with the gray tops.....and the black ones with "lace"...I love them all too =)

  2. Hi, Jen. I've been reading ALL your blog from the first post to the last one. I like very much the way you've arranged your new sewing room (i wish i had also a room for my bussiness). Because you like styling so much, i want to give you this link:
    It is half in spanish and english but i'm sure you can find out new and fresh ideas for you and your daughters. Have a nice week. Nikë.


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