Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pattern Envy

You know, I don't buy patterns like I used to do.

(just couldn't bring myself to end that last sentence with a preposition)

I don't buy them for 2 reasons:  1-I have a ton of patterns already, and 2-the basics of tops and bottoms never change that much.


Remember that little black sundress I tried to make for the Bug and was a near fail?  I tried and tried to find more of that fabric, and finally found it.  So while I was in Raleigh yesterday, I ran into JoAnns for a quick look and got 2 more yards of it.  Plus interfacing.  And then I noticed --

McCalls patterns were $1.99, and Vogue was $3.99!

How could I resist?

So I quickly flipped through the catalog -- I really only need the first few pages for what's new -- and decided on a couple.  Some were gone, which was unfortunate.  But they were all McCalls and what I really wanted was the Vogue -- so here's what I got!

This was for me-- it's a Vintage Vogue that takes yards and yards of fabric.  But so pretty, and hopefully I can make it up.  Barbie likes it too.

This is an Anna Sui, and I loved the ruffles and tiers for my girls.  Maybe even me if I cut it a bit longer--

This is a Kay Unger/New York, and I loved the lines of it.  It says it needs to be made up in a satin or shantung, but I think you could probably get away with a lightweight linen.  I have a couple of things in the stash that I may try.  I think JB would look like a million bucks in this.

This caught my eye because Barbie has a cute 3/4 sleeve sweater she got recently at Gap, and it looks a lot like the views to the right.  I love the idea of the sweater with a belt.  I think maybe some sort of lightweight knit would work here, even a sweater knit.  

And lastly, McCalls 5138

Honestly, I wouldn't have gotten this one if it hadn't been $1.99.  But it's a classic white shirt, with cute lines.  I liked the sleeve variations.  I probably should have gone with a shirt with a collar + stand, whereas this is just a flat collar.  But I probably have a couple of shirts in my pattern collection already that are just that: a basic button-down with a stand-collar.  

Classic, tunic-length white shirts seem to be all the rage right now.  I love that look; I swear my uniform since I was about 8 has always been a white shirt and pair of jeans.  Add a big wide hip-slung belt and a cute pair of boots, and you're ready for fall 2010.

What have you been buying?  Made anything lately?  Put it on your blog or Flickr, and link it up in your comment below!  Like I always have heard (and still hear) from my girls:  "I wanna see!  I wanna see!"



  1. 人自幼就應該通過完美的教育,去建立一種好的習慣。......................................................

  2. 旁觀自己的悲傷是解脫,主觀自己的悲傷是更加悲傷................................................

  3. I'm trying super-hard not to buy more patterns because I don't sew from nearly as many of them as I buy. I have loved that vintage Vogue pattern for a long time, and have been interested in the crazy pointed hems as in your cardigan pattern above. I've decided to stay in my zone this year and sew what I love -- probably modern, probably with hardware, especially as we move into fall. I'm sure I'll post pics on my blog as things get made.

    BTW I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog. I appreciate that you appreciate the finishing on my refashioned garments. :)

  4. 不論做什麼事,相信自己,別讓別人的一句話,把你擊倒。..................................................


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