Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrift Store Haul for the 50+ Crowd

All over YouTube there are these people doing "haul" videos.  Basically, they just go over what they bought -- kind of like chatting with your girlfriend about what you got when you went shopping.

Sometimes, here at our house, we call it "The Fashion Show" when it involves trying on clothing.

So to adjust this sort of thing to the 50+ crowd (of which I am an active member), I changed it up.  I'm calling it "The Thrift Store Score."

After this many years, I get (admittedly) cheaper by the year, tighter than a tick, and stingier than Scrooge.  I can, as did my grandmother, get at least 3 more sandwiches out of that empty jar of peanut butter.  And I seriously have had to make myself throw away things and say out loud to myself "Jen, this isn't the depression!  It's gone!  Throw it away!"

The rubber spatula was invented for obsessive-compulsives like me.

Well anyway, I digress.  I found a whole bunch 'o cool stuff on my last Mental Health Day --  and here it is!

(You may not be able to see the entire frame here because of the size of the video.  If you can't, please go to Thrift Store Score July 2010 to view it on YouTube)

Enjoy --



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