Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Amazing Find

OK, how's this for a God-directed incident?

I attended Cincinnati Christian University during the early 1980's, and my husband's parents both graduated from there.  So I get the alumni magazine regularly.  I try to regularly check out the "alumni updates" section just to see what's up with friends.

So today I'm reading through the CCU 514 magazine, checking out the Alumni News, and I come across this:  

          Emily Hill (Att’d 99-2000) has started an online 
          boutique, Stop Traffick Fashion, combining her
          interest in fashion and her passion for fighting 
          human trafficking. Stop Traffick Fashion exists 
          to raise awareness of human trafficking, 
          empower survivors and support organizations 
          that are rescuing and providing rehabilitation 
          for survivors. Visit
          to find out more.

This girl is making a significant difference in the world, in a way I can appreciate!  

Here are a few of my favorites from StopTraffick, along with information about the company that makes them:

The Diana Purse, $59.99: 

STOPStart (Formerly Hagar Design) employs women from Hagar International in Cambodia.  Hagar works with women and children from devastating backgrounds of violence, abuse, and trafficking and supports them in their recovery, rehabilitation, job readiness, and community reintegration. Hagar is committed to individualized and long-term assistance for its beneficiaries, advocating the strategic use of the social enterprise model as a tool for social rehabilitation and economic empowerment.

The Freedom Tee, $21.99:

They’re here! Freeset tees are made by women in Kolkata, India who were once marginalized and trapped by poverty and prostitution. Freeset has given them a way to find freedom. They have learned new skills and now earn a respectable, shame-free living making tees for you! A Freeset Tee sustainably pulls people out of poverty, children and pesticides out of fields, and women out of the sex trade. Make your money count!

The Blushing Necklace, $74.99:

Wonderfully Made’s model of social entrepreneurship hopes to provide an alternative income for girls and boys leaving trafficking situations. Sustainable jobs are created through producing high quality products desired by Western markets. The jewelry is made in Chiang Mai, Thailand and helps to provide hope and new life for survivors of human trafficking.

and The Blue Butterfly Bag, $18.99:

The Emancipation Network helps survivors of slavery rebuild their lives, earn sustainable income, acquire education, and reintegrate into society. They work to prevent slavery in high risk communities, such as red light and refugee communities, by creating jobs for adults, organizing volunteer trips, and making donations to shelter partners for rescue, school fees, emergency needs, and reintegration.  The whimsical purses in our kids collection are from Made by Survivors. They are handmade from wool felt by survivors in Nepal.

It looks like shipping runs about $10, and there is tax if you live in Ohio.  Checkout is handled through Google, so if you have a Google account, it's easy.

Seriously, I am STUNNED.  I never would have imagined finding something like this in my Bible college alumni magazine!  But what I find absolutely wonderful about it is simply this:  Emily Hill had a talent and love for something that might seem completely out of place in terms of Christian service.  But she took that and combined it with a need to illuminate the tragedy and injustice of human slavery, and an ability to aid those either trapped in it or escaping it.  

While I see this all the time with many secular organizations, I've never seen it in the place I should have always expected to see it: the Christian university I attended.  Things are changing, and not just for the better -- but to God's glory.  

Well done, Emily!  For those of you who are Christians, please keep Emily and her organisation in prayer as God brings them to mind.  And for all of us, please add this online shop to your list of go-to places for cute tees and accessories.  You'll get something really cute for a great deal, and you'll be making a difference in the world!



  1. Wonderful intentions, great idea, beautiful execution. Thanks for passing on the info.

  2. Glad you like! Emily is an active member of CCU's business management advisory board, and we're trying to convince her that she has time to teach economics as an adjunct instructor.

    PS, my wife also loves the stuff she sells.

  3. Thanks for your support Jen! We also have a FB fan page for those who are interested in staying up to date!/pages/Cincinnati-OH/Stop-Traffick-Fashion/47359464977?ref=ts&__a=8&ajaxpipe=1

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