Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sewing Room, I've Missed You!

I've been sewing again. Since my classes are all online (except one, which is about FABRIC!!! Woo-hoo!), I have time!

Right now I've finished a handbag, dolled up one t-shirt, finished dolling up another one, and tried to do a third but I think it's a colossal fail (as my kids would say). I'm getting better about giving up and just throwing it away.

I also worked the other night on draping a prom dress for Barbie. She's found one she likes, but it seems to accomplish the impossible. And I need to copy it. I know it's cut on the bias, but it grabs curves and drapes with absolutely zero seam lines down the front or back. It must be made of some kind of lycra blended satin. It seems they blend lyra into everything these days. I think the answer to this one is just going to have to be to find it in a shop and have her try it on. It is beautiful --

And by all means, if any of you has some idea as to how they did this with no princess or center front seaming, please let me know. Gorgeous? Definitely. Able to be copied? Not at this point!

I've also begun a couple of other projects, including a video. I'll keep you posted on those. Till then --

Happy sewing!



  1. Welcome back! Just an amateur's thoughts on the dress above... when I clicked to enlarge the pic it actually took me to the site that sells the dress. It does look like there is seaming, when I see photos of the dress in other colors, cleverly disguised as subtle changes in texture. It is my guess, partially informed by a vintage Butterick pattern I was helping a friend with, that the bust section is shaped by shirring. In the dress above, it looks like two sections of bust shirring are sewn together to gather the fullness for one side of the bust, and perhaps an asymmetrical princess-y seam for the other side of the bust. It looks very tricky to try to execute. I will be so curious how you make out with this one! Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Your blog makes me smile so I am nominating you for the Sunshine Award! You can find the details on my blog here: keep up the good work!


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