Friday, January 29, 2010

Sewing Essentials

You know, I've been sewing for probably about 40 years now. And quite honestly, if you do anything for 40 years you become accustomed to doing it a certain way.

With sewing, that translates as simply this: when I have the right tools, things are just a whole lot better. The right tools make the job. This is true no matter what you're doing. For me, in the kitchen -- it's a rubber spatula. In the toolshed -- it's a ratchet screwdriver. In the laundry -- it's one of those fabulous new "Bounce" dryer bars that attaches to the inside of the drum. It pretty much boils down to this: you cuss a whole lot less when you have the right tools.

So because I have accumulated a few things that I commonly use, I thought I'd share those with you. If you're relatively new to sewing, these tools might help you. And if you're a more experienced sewer, you may not yet have come across one of the tools I use. Either way, I really hope it makes your sewing experience easier, more efficient, and more fun --

Please go to HERE, to You Tube to view the video, or just have a look below --



  1. I'd never heard of the loop turner, but it looks amazing. Must get one.


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