Sunday, November 1, 2009

What the Heck!

My kid works at Lowe's Hardware, and somehow the word has gotten out there that I sew. Everybody's calling me to do their alterations. Like I have time. Like I can say no.

I'd better make some serious money or I'm going to be really ticked. Maybe if I charge them an arm and a leg they'll leave me alone! LOL!



  1. I love it, and of course you should make money, nothing really is free. Right?
    good luck to you on that and maybe tell it will take you approx. 30 days to alter.... then maybe they won't want to wait that long too... lol Good luck to you.
    Enjoy the day
    P.S I enjoy your blog very much. thanks for sharing!!! Very inspiring

  2. I hope you make lots of money. Just remember some of thoses customer will not want to pay whatever the price so get the money upfront. Other may be customer for life.

  3. Definitely get your money up front.

    But if you are not wanting to do this, it's okay to say "no." We don't have to say "yes" to everything.

    People ask me to sew all the time. I sew for me not others. I don't tell them that. What I say is, "I'm sorry. I would love to help you out, but I don't have any time in my schedule. I have a backlog of projects that I am trying to get caught up on." And it's true. I have so many things that I want to make but haven't had a chance to get to them. If I sew for others, I'll never get to them.

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  5. I enjoy your blog very much. thanks for sharing!!! Very inspiring

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