Friday, March 6, 2009


I learned some years ago that if my children were slobs, there was a one in five chance that they'd continue to be slobs no matter what I did.

However, if I made sure they had a pretty room, they might be less inclined to be a slob and more inclined to keep it pretty and picked up.

JB and Babydoll share a room, and it's been a mess since we moved in. They have a massive bunkbed that is gorgeous wood, very beachy, plus a dresser and a little bookshelf/nightstand. But in a room that's 10x13, there was never enough space for both of them. My days were full of constant warfare between them.

So recently, I decided to kick them out for the weekend and rearrange everything. I moved the bed into a corner, put little curtains around the bottom bed for JB, hung new curtains. I bought a piece of carpet for the unfinished-as-yet floor. I hung mirrors and shelving. I put a big shelf on the wall near Babydoll's upper bunk for her iPod, endless collection of books, lamp, and clock. I covered pillows and a tri-fold floor mat that now serves as a little sitting area. I even hung up hooks for their jewelry.

"privacy curtains" for JB, who vants to be alooo-ne.

A new full-length mirror helps them getting dressed in the mornings

The square thing is a mat, all folded up, and covered, with the pillows on top. And then the mirrors and shelves and hooks everywhere --

Tiny bookcase and shelves for makeup

So now it's looking pretty nice, and the slobbishness has yet to set in. I think it inevitably will, but it's nice to see the room looking better and more efficient thanks to my ability to sew.
Thanks, Mama, for teaching me all those years ago!

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