Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This One's About Decorating

Well, I have to admit that I adore Pinterest even though I avoided it for some time.  I knew it would eat up all the time that it is decidedly eating up.

However, it is certainly not a waste of time to be inspired!  After perusing today, I ran across several websites with revamped or "upcycled" furniture.

And I have a daughter who is getting married in October -- did I mention that I have a daughter getting married in October?  Cause I HAVE A DAUGHTER GETTING MARRIED.  IN OCTOBER.  Good grief.  I still can't believe it.  How can I have a daughter old enough to do such a wonderful thing?

Anyway.  I need a big deal wedding gift for her.

As you are aware, I am living in MIL's house, disposing of her furniture bit by bit.  She has this dining room table, four chairs, and a china cabinet.

After all that perusing this morning, I think I may be able to transform it into something amazing, using paint and some new hardware on the china cabinet.

School finishes later this month, and I have no plans for the summer other than helping with the wedding.  Maybe I can do this!  It would be a fun project . . .


  1. Hi Jen, congratulations for the wedding of one of your treasures. With children it is incredible how time goes by so quickly.... I would like to give you an idea for your china cabinet that I saw at the TV programm "Home Heist", please visit:
    and watch the Dining Room's china cabinet Before and After. I hope you like it. Greetings, Nikë.

    1. THANK YOU! Thank you so much for the suggestion! I had a visit to the sight. Great ideas, and they led me to even more great ideas! Many thanks!


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