Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vogue 1245

This is an Alice + Olivia pattern, a variation on the traditional peasant top.  I've done a review on it at Pattern Review, so you can read my thoughts on it there.  

The blue is much more vibrant than what you see here.  I did this in a soft rayon (60% off at Hancock's) but next time I think I'll use a crepe-de-chine.  I just wanted it lighter and "floatier."  It does drape beautifully, and feels wonderful!

I am disappointed that the fit is off for me.  I kind of roughly fit it with the tissue to check for the waistline measurement, and it seemed fine.  But in the finished product, it just sits way too high on my waist.  I wanted it down more toward my hips -- so live and learn!  It will fit Rose nicely, and the weight of it will be perfect for winter.  I hope she'll love it!

It's been so nice to get back in the sewing room again!  Next up is Vogue 1255, and I'll be interested to see just how much work all the ruffles are.  This patter (1245) taught me that I definitely need to get a package of those metal bias tape makers.  That would have made it SO much easier!


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  1. Hi, Jen, I'm happy to find you here, too...

    I am the same girl who post comments on your las video from youtube... Raluca.

    Hope you can help me with my sewing if I will need some help.

    Best regards!


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