Saturday, September 10, 2011

Project Who-Knows-What-Way

If you're anything like me, you're a huge fan of Project Runway.  I have a love/hate relationship with it, I must admit.  But I love to see what the designers do creatively, within those ridiculous time limits, and how they stay on-trend with the fashions they create.

I follow a blog called "Made by Lex."  Talk about beautiful fashion!  She remakes thrifted garments, sews for her little girls, and creates new fashions all to sell in her Etsy shop.  I especially love her scarves, which are hand-dyed.  Beautiful!

Lately Lex has been participating in a contest called "Project Run and Play."  It's a blogging version of Project Runway, except all the fashions are made for little girls.  They're given a pattern, or a theme, and eight designers then create magic!  There are 3 regular judges and one guest judge each week.  And viewers can also vote for their favourites, although the judges have the final decision.

So even if you're not into kids clothing, this blog is worth a look.  I think it is flat-out AMAZING to see what these designers are doing!  Project Runway has nothing on them!

Speaking of which (and I'll try not to rant here) -- Project Runway is supposed to be about great design with some good tv mixed in.  Thursday, September 8, 2011's show was just nothing but drama, drama, drama.  We wanted someone "out" because of their attitude and ability to play well with others, not because of their designs.  This show irritates me regularly for this very reason - they "auf" the nice ones and let the evil geniuses stay.  But the show also usually amazes me, so there you go.

I also had a look at the new Spring 2012 collection from last season's winner, Gretchen Jones.  Let me just say this:  her main cheerleader, Nina Garcia, is probably denying she ever knew Gretchen.  That is all.

So have a look at Project Run and Play and feast your eyes on great design for kids.  It will brighten your day!

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  1. I stopped watching PR in the middle of last season because it felt like the producers let the drama get into abusive territory. So I didn't know Gretchen won! I am not a fan of her color palette for her SS2012 collection, but I am interested in that persistent hemline that hangs lower in center front - might experiment with that sometime. I'll check out that Project Run and Play.


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