Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fail Part Deux.

I thought I'd give you some evidence of the fails.

1.  FAIL.  The "I'll Just Throw This Together" sundress:

2.  The Vintage Vogue that doesn't fit:

3.  The 20-Hour Sundress That Looks Like Crap:

4.  A shift dress that I really like, but needs revamping - help me with ideas, my sewing sisters!

All these failures!  But I am resolved to put on my faithful sewing sweatshirt (about 20 years old, created and given to me by my sister):

Roll up my sleeves,

And get going on some successes like this one!
Thrifted Liz Claiborne skirt, shorted and bias hem added:

Any suggestions, especially on that shift dress, are welcomed!  Bring it on!



  1. You have nice legs by looking at the length of your thrifted jean skirt with bias added. The think the shift dress should be shortened to just above your knee. It can make all the difference in the world on how a garment looks.
    For me, I think summer dresses and shift dresses need to be just above knee or made into maxi's. They tend to be much more flattering depending on figure.
    I am working on Simplicity 2213 version B. I am making it in white right now for my daughter. She needs a white dress for Sorority. The length on pattern envelope (for her) is perfect, but for me I would lengthen about three to four inches to knee cap.
    Good luck on your dress.

  2. Found you first on YouTube (thanks for the tutorial on the towel wrap) and loved your personality (and your name) so much that I searched for your blog. I agree with JodieT, your legs look nice in that jeans skirt. I am envious. About the shift dress, I also would shorten it, and maybe -- if it has a zipper in the back -- you could put in bust-to-waist darts in the front and back to make it a bit more fitted. Please put the two cents on my tab. :) Looking forward to future posts.


That'll be two cents for your opinion please. : )