Friday, April 9, 2010

Ongoing Prom Dresses

You know, in my late 20's I actually had a bridal business. I made custom gowns and formal wear, and I did pretty well. That is, until I met enough Bridezillas to drive me completely crazy -- anyway, I'm not exactly a newcomer to this whole big dress thing.

That said, I was making that stuff about 20 years ago! It's still fun but I've lost my familiarity with it. Thank God for muslins!

So it's been slow going, but here's the first real progress on JB's dress. I scrapped the patterns that I began with and started over completely. Now we're on track.

This was made with some green broadcloth that I got on a bolt at a garage sale, plus some blue tulle that had been used for decorating a room -- it's a good start!


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