Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easy Fix

Some of you may do this, but I thought I'd offer this tip anyway.

I have a work table, but I haven't had the room to use it. It's an old oak door that weighs about a bazillion tons. I've covered it with blue checked gingham, because it makes it easier to see a straight line.

It sits on sawhorses that a friend made for me, specifically to the height I wanted. So the table sits at just the right height for me. It saves my back.

HOWEVER . . . I'm currently working on the dining room table. I've had to stage my house to sell (it sold before it actually even went on the market -- a God thing), so I had to take the sewing room apart and make it a dining room again.

So today I was cutting the muslins for the prom dresses, and my back was starting to kill me from leaning over the table. It's just a regular dining height table.

Then I remembered.

So I went to the closet where everything is stored, and I got out the bed risers I bought awhile ago.

Problem solved! The table is now at a height that's perfect for me. No more aching back.

If you're working on a table that is just too low, this is a great fix. You can find bed risers just about anywhere. I've seen them at the linen stores and online, and I think I may have even gotten these at Wal-Mart.

Easy fix!



  1. The correct height for cutting is so very important. Glad you fixed your problem.


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