Saturday, January 5, 2013

Great Reads

Many people have the tv on when they sew - something about the drone keeps us company when we're doing the work.

Through the years when I've been sewing, I listen to audiobooks.  I've read biographies, self-help, novels.  And lately, although I haven't been sewing, I've been listening.  Audiobooks are great for long drives and tearing out drywall as well.

Local libraries have "Playaways," which are little MP3 players that hang around your neck.  Each one is a specific book.  All you have to do it put in an AA battery and a pair of earbuds, and you're all set.  Audiobooks are also relatively easy to download from your local library.

Lately, my obsession has been with Young Adult novels, particular the Dystopian genre (think Hunger Games).  Although I just finished Justin Cronin's "The Twelve," (which I cannot recommend, sadly), I also just finished "Reached" by Ally Condie.  Of the two, I preferred "Reached," since it's a love story.  No vampires, black evil villains, or blood and guts.  I had no idea there were so many great novels out there masquerading as young adult novels.  Some favs of mine - the "Skinjacker" series, the "Chaos Walking" series, the "Matched" series, and my best of the best, the "Delirium" series.  All of these book series' have 3 installments.

So if you pick any of them up, you'll be happy to know that all 3 books are out for each series - save one.  The last "Delirium" book will be out in March.  You can win an advance release copy (ARC) from Lindsay Cummings.  She is a young adult author as well, and I'm anxious to read/listen to her novel, "The Murder Complex."

Let me also say that while I loved "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer, I am not a fan and will not read books about vampires, witches and warlocks, evil demons, angels, or werewolves.  No thank you.  The only exception I have made have been Justin Cronin's "The Passage" series.  His vampires are sci-fi mutants created from a virus, which makes them ok because they're genetically engineered monsters.

I think I've "read" about 50 books since last spring.  That's more than I read in the past 10 years.  There's a lot you can learn and enjoy while you sew - check out your library and have a listen.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! What a great tip! I usually have a TV show playing continuously via Netflix, but now I can be more well read. Where do you get your audiobooks from?

    Also, I've just started my own blog which will soon feature sewing projects as well. Yours was one of the first sewing blogs I found when I started sewing in April from an old Threadbanger video. I look forward to more from you!


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