Friday, October 5, 2012

Homecoming Dance 2012

The mission:  find a killer dress for the Homecoming dance.

The budget:  not much

The result:

From this

To this!

The dress is a poly taffeta that I found at Goodwill for $5.99.

After a bit of shortening and a neckline re-do, it was perfect.

Mission accomplished.  For really cheap.


  1. Fabulous!!!! I just love this, creativity and ripping skills. The horizontal stripes make hemming a breeze. Just love the peekaboo back.

  2. Really, really cute! What a one of a kind dress this is...loved it! You are pretty amazing. I'm happy your are posting again. I always learn something new.

  3. Very pretty!! I love it when people reuse and recyle and update! I read your blog all the time. I have learned alot from your beautiful work.


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