Friday, October 16, 2009

I Have Decided . . .

to make a coat. (and to follow Jesus, but that's a different discussion and an old hymn, for those of you who didn't recognise it).

Anyway, it's gotten a bit chillier here on the NC/VA border, and I now have to walk from my car in a parking lot onto a school campus. The walk is far when it's cold.

So I'm thinking something about knee length or a bit above, that I can wear with a pair of jeans. Like a long black simple thing that doubles as a long jacket. Or deep pink, or orange, or a nice browny-beige. And fairly lightweight, and definitely NOT a trench. Nothing with a tie or belt.

I'm researching now, and have found these things:

This, but a bit shorter, above the knee:

Or perhaps this, longer:

Or maybe this. Not sure how I feel about the collar, though:

As I am currently so consumed by my biology class (I think my head may explode any minute now), any sewing I do will be to simply keep my sanity. I think this coat may be just the thing.

We'll see!


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  1. I love the first pattern the most. I have been working on a coat but then I started crocheting baby blanket and the coat was put to the side.

    Happy sewing


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