Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bling Bling

I got a new purse while I was on vacation. It was pretty basic -- but definitely very cute and certainly large enough. And it zips shut on top! Two side pockets give me quick access to the phone, so it's just right.

Just plain. Too plain for me, an I-Like-Me-Some-Bling kinda girl.

So I blinged it up!

I got some charms from Michaels, like these --

And a little bit of chain, and some pliers.

And I used some findings that Bug had laying around -- you can get any kind of metal ring you like, from any old junk jewelry you have and don't wear anymore. Just pull the rings apart and then attach them to the charm at one end and your purse rings at the other.

I did have to adjust the length a bit. And plan to lose them from time to time unless you solder them with duct-tape-strength cast iron.

So now I don't just like my new purse. I love it!


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