Sunday, April 10, 2011

LBD, Sort of.

Problem:  Barbie is going out to dinner with the prom kids and has nothing to wear.

Solution #1:  Buy a cocktail dress. 
Solution #2:  Wear one of the several prom-ish dresses from our current stash of about 10.
Solution #3: I surprise her with something gorgeous.

Needless to say, we went with solution #3.  I found a dress online which I copied, using fabric from my stash and a bracelet from Claire's.  On Wednesday, we had a photo and a pile of fabric.  On Saturday, we had this -- at total cost of $18.50 for the bracelet:

 (she's the one in the middle)

Necessity and living in a small town are both the mothers of invention, especially when it comes to bling.  I had just enough fabric to cut it on the bias, and it draped beautifully. 
I wish we had better photos of the back.  It was asymmetrical and balanced the one-shoulder thing perfectly.

Of course, this kid could wear a feed sack and still look amazing --

OK, that was fun.  Now on to the summer sundresses and a how-to tutorial --

p.s.  Here's a shot of the dress I copied:
Just click on it to purchase it from Prom


  1. Jen you did a wonderful job on the prom dress!! I hope to someday be able to sew as well as you!


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